In-Home / In-Office Personal Training

VIP Personal Training is a new approach to making health and fitness more accessible than ever before. With accountability at your doorstep, you will never miss a workout! Rain or shine, VIP Personal Training is always ready (6am-8pm, Monday-Friday) to bring you the best workout with a nationally-certified personal trainer in the convenience of your own home, business, or gym! Contact us now to set up your complimentary fitness evaluation!

VIP Personal Training is not only dedicated to your health now, but also works to educate you so that you can maintain better health in the future! Complete with periodical articles and health tips, VIP Personal Training is your source to a future of wellness in every aspect of your life. Benefits of In-Home personal training include but are not limited to:

  • Having the workout brought to YOU!
  • No distractions of the "big gym" atmosphere
  • No need to travel or worry about being on time, your trainer will do that for you!
  • Having the privacy and convenience of exercising at your own home or office
  • A nationally certified personal trainer to construct and conduct a safe and effective workout EVERY time

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Fit Tips

Dehydration by definition is simply, "Dryness due to the removal of water." So it's simple, you just drink water to avoid it right? Unfortunately it's not that easy. With summer approaching it's good to know what exactly is going on inside your body during dehydration, and what steps you can take to detect and prevent it from occurring.