The Importance of Eating!

One of the most common misconceptions of dieting when it comes to losing weight is that you need to cut down on your calorie count and eat less.


The answer to today's question is 6 meals are better than 3. This does not mean that you need to necessarily eat more, but you should eat more frequently and practice proper nutritional timing through snacking in order to keep your metabolism up and ready to burn more calories! We'll cover what consists of "snacking" in a later discussion, but for the regards of time and length it is important to understand that eating 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day is healthier for your body internally and will show the results externally through a proper exercise regimen.

This "technique" if you will, is commonly seen in those who struggle to control their blood sugar levels. Keeping your metabolism up and consistent will help reduce the chances of disproportionate spikes or drops in their blood glucose levels. The key we need to take away from this is keeping your metabolism running throughout the day! As you progress with an exercise plan this becomes critical to turning your body into an internal furnace and literally burning fat calories even while you're asleep!

On the flip side, if you are only eating 3 times or even less per day, then your body will go into what is commonly called a "starvation state." What this means is that your body senses that it is getting "hungry" and will prioritize storage of your next meal to fat because you're fooling your body on when will be the next time that it eats. Your stomach has a neural control center, much like the brain, that controls how your body stores the food that you eat depending on where it perceives the need is.

Therefore, it is important to eat throughout the day, rather than waiting for 3 times a day to eat enough to last you till the next meal. Consistency is key!

Fit Tips

Dehydration by definition is simply, "Dryness due to the removal of water." So it's simple, you just drink water to avoid it right? Unfortunately it's not that easy. With summer approaching it's good to know what exactly is going on inside your body during dehydration, and what steps you can take to detect and prevent it from occurring.